Fresh, Healthy & Dynamic at Trade Bar & Lounge

Trade Bar & Lounge is a great place to start and end your day featuring hearty breakfast options, weekday lunch offerings, and dinner each night.   


Barista | 6am-11am Sun – Sat (Everyday)
Breakfast | Monday-Friday — 6:30am – 11am | Sat/Sun – 7:00am -11am

Lunch | 11am -4pm Mon-Fri
Golden Hour | 4:00pm – 6:00pm Mon – Fri
Dinner | 4:00pm – 11pm Mon – Fri | 5:30pm-11pm Sat & Sun
Concierge Lounge | Monday-Friday – 6:30am -10:00am (Breakfast)


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Lunch Menu

Dinner Menu

Drink Menu


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